Balancing the Environment
with Car Performance

If you like cars, balancing the environment with the performance of your automobile can be a tough road to drive. It seems all you read about anymore are articles about greenhouse gases and global warming. Personally, I am more worried about the pollution in our air and water. At the same time, I love to drive my car fast on windy roads.

With this in mind, I started my research on my next car. I read about natural gas vehicles, bi-fuel vehicles, electric cars, and hybrid automobiles. Once I did research on natural gas filling stations in my area, I decided to narrow my search. I wanted to learn the difference between electric and hybrid cars. These are more common options that you can use anywhere right now. It didn’t take me long to narrow my search even further. I quickly found out the electric cars lack power which I translated to lack of acceleration. That would mean driving on windy roads would be like getting in the car with my grandma who can’t drive very well anymore. I refused to sacrifice the performance of my vehicle for the environment. I wanted both. This led me to further investigate hybrid cars on the market.

I was surprised at what I found. While most of the cars I liked were a bit too expensive for my taste, it got me excited about the future of cars. The BMW i8 Concept is coming out in 2013. This super hybrid can go from 0-60mph in less than five seconds. It is claimed that it will get over 80 mpg and looks as sporty as any car on the market. Rumor has it that this vehicle may cost in excess of $200,000 when it hits the market. As cool as this car sounds, I can’t imagine dropping $200,000 big ones on a car. So my search continued.

The next car I came across was the Fisker Karma. I know, it isn’t made by the big three automakers, in fact I had never even heard of Fisker before my research. This car can go from 0-60 in under 6 seconds in sports mode and flashes a brilliant 52 mpg. While the design of the car was excellent, the sticker price created some shock value. While it isn’t nearly as expensive as the BMW i8 Concept, $95,000 for a car is still a little too rich for me when it comes to buying a car. Once again, my search had to continue.

Finally, I came across the Honda CR-Z. It was designed as today’s version of the old CRX. Remembering a friend of mine had a CRX back in the 1990’s, I thought I would check it out. At least back then, I remember the CRX as being a fun little car to drive. Finally, I may have found something that would work. The Honda CR-Z has fuel economy of 35 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway and can be had for just a little over $22,000 with everything I needed. This car has Normal, Econ, and Sport modes at your fingertips. So, I went in for a test drive. Although it doesn’t have the kick of some of the non-hybrid sports cars on the road today, it had enough to satisfy the criteria I went into this with. I wanted something fun to drive, environmentally friendly, and not too gruesome on my budget. If you are anything like me, the Honda CR-Z might be a great fit for your next car.